Smart Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) is a form of back-office processing, one that leverages knowledge and expertise to move the process forward.

DDC offers a range of knowledge processing services onshore, offshore and near-shore. From multi-lingual data capture, through to medical, engineering and financial administration processing, we have the experience and ability to manage these back-office functions in a more efficient manner than many companies can complete them internally. 

There are many strategic and financial benefits to knowledge process outsourcing:





Smart KPO picks up bespoke, expert tasks for its client’s benefit.

The selected members of the outsourced team are like receptacles for the knowledge they need in order to pick up and master tasks successfully. Knowledge transfer from client to outsourcing partner is an important factor in successful Smart KPO.

Picking up bespoke tasks of unique scope and complexity in a correct and sustainable way requires accurate scoping and documentation and purposeful consultation: DDC supports clients collaboratively to this end to create a solid foundation for Smart KPO.

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