This is the first of four short videos on Knowledge Process Outsourcing for the Upstream Oil and Gas sector.

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Why Upstream E&P Businesses Should Look at Knowledge Process Outsourcing to Increase Agility and Reduce Costs… During Good Times Or Bad

In the E&P sector, when service and other supply chain companies look at their operations, they see highly qualified experts. If they also see those experts involved in time-consuming regular tasks that don’t really require their range of expertise, they might stop to think about Knowledge Process Outsourcing…KPO. It could be both financially advantageous and liberating. In over 25 years of KPO services, I’ve met a lot of experts in different fields — engineering, history, media, finance… — and fortunately they were all willing to talk to me about their business’s challenges, even knowing I was a relative layman. What they discovered is that their colleagues (also highly capable experts) could be unshackled from mundane regular tasks and let loose on key activities using their expertise to the max, while those less-demanding tasks were picked up reliably and constantly by intelligent but lower-cost others: knowledge workers managed by an outsourcing provider. It didn’t matter that the knowledge workers were not field experts of quite the same calibre (although in some cases they actually were), because the tasks were clearly scoped and documented sufficiently for them to accomplish; an intelligent person with relevant background can grasp the concepts and apply themselves with rigour to the specified task. In fact, the companies involved saw that the tasks they outsourced were given a higher priority and level of commitment than had been the case in-house, improving task outcomes and strengthening the company’s data assets. All they had to commit to was assigning an internal point of contact to handle queries, sample the outsourced work and protect the company’s interests through a Service Level Agreement with the outsourcing provider. A Houston-based E&P services company discovered the value of KPO in this way, and you can hear about this in the first of four short videos (above) on Knowledge Process Outsourcing for Upstream Oil and Gas. Whether oil prices are high or low, it always makes sense to look for opportunities to streamline operations. Simon Bates

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Simon Bates is a KPO Project Advisor and Manager working for The DDC Group, a global business process outsourcing entity. The video series forms a presentation Simon made to Finding Petroleum in 2015.