The client is a social platform where organizations build talent communities around relevant topics that attract, engage & develop their next-generation workforce from an external global audience and their own internal talent ecosystem. Clients include brands such as Microsoft, eBay, Gates Foundation and Expedia. The long term value is that BraveNewTalent will map the Talent Graph by knowledge, skills and potential enabling organizations to increase the efficiency of applying human capital.

The challenge

Part of its offering online is a database of global companies — the employers: the people wanting to attract new talent. BraveNewTalent began capturing corporate profiles to feed its platform, but realised this needed a larger, dedicated team that could populate a database quickly and accurately to give the online offering momentum.

Unearth the gems that make your business sparkle with the DDC Group.

The solution

DDC’s solution was a four-month data mining project that yielded profiles of the 70,000 biggest employers across the globe. Information extracted for each employer included contact information, size, logo, region and marketplace, AboutUs and employee skills. This involved accurate assessment of the information available within the corporations’ own sites in their myriad forms.

The benefits

  • Excellent value for money
  • Graduate-level staff with an excellent work ethic and willingness to learn and adapt
  • No HR or infrastructure overheads
  • Data processing, at around half the cost of the UK
  • Agile expansion of scope or scale with no capital outlay
  • Contractually guaranteed data accuracy and delivery times.


DDC transformed, efficiently and economically, a mountain of online data into a reserve of high-grade information, helping BraveNewTalent to realize its start-up goals.

Populating a database is not always a knowledge-based task, nor even a continuous back-office one, but still requires consistently high accuracy and a clear understanding of what is and is not relevant: the data we deliver forms part of our client’s reputation.

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