The client

Buddies is a well-known provider of insurance to pet owners, and has been a client of DDC’s for several years, through a regular offline service to capture puppy and kitten registrations

The challenge

To help review the market, Buddies considered an exercise to garner quotes from its competitors’ websites. Realizing that this would be a potentially costly and time-consuming task for internal staff, Buddies turned to DDC for assistance.

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The solution

DDC had prior experience of such work, having captured quotes for a market research company. For Buddies, we set up a temporary offshore team to generate matrixes of insurance quotes through the online forms of specified competitor sites. Buddies provided value lists for breed, postcode and pet age, along with fixed values for fields that were considered not critical to the exercise. DDC sought for each site a quote using each and every combination of the three variable fields, copying and pasting the quotes generated into a deliverable spreadsheet.

The benefits

  • Excellent value for money
  • Graduate-level staff with an excellent work ethic and willingness to learn and adapt
  • No HR or infrastructure overheads
  • Data processing, at around half the cost of the UK
  • Agile expansion of scope or scale with no capital outlay
  • Contractually guaranteed data accuracy and delivery times.


The task for Buddies was done using direct connection through the internet, although connection via a UK proxy server is also possible if identity of the connecting IP address is ever an issue.

The task was completed in a few weeks at an affordable cost, and Buddies commissioned several such tasks utilizing DDC’s online service.

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