Two knowledge-based, outsourced services and their multiple benefits.

Look at the reduction in operating costs as a key advantage of offshoring... but, don’t forget to look beyond that to other direct benefits. See how these elevate your business and secure its reputation.

Lower costs come with enhancements: 

  • Tasks performed consistently to spec,
  • Guaranteed delivery cycles and measured accuracy,
  • Removal of resourcing headaches and costs,
  • Regular MI reporting with accountability,
  • Freedom for your in-house experts to get data out instead of putting it in.


These benefits arise not just with mundane data capture processes but also with highly-technical, knowledge-based tasks, involving data of immediate value to your specialists. 

“DDC’s team is now a unit of experts, knowledgeable in the technicalities of drilling records...”


Client success tied to an outsourced data capture service. Our renowned client shows to its customers the speed and efficiency of its well drilling equipment as a means to promote sales. Part of this process is the capture of the latest drill bit performance data from the field into a central database — from which illustrative reports can be exported — and this is what DDC does: capture the performance data from handwritten or printed reports issued from client sites around the globe.

We have a central team of trained staff at a single offshore location, who receive through a client intranet detailed reports of wells and bit runs from operations in dozens of countries. The team accesses the central database through a secure VPN connection and enters the data, including unit conversions and look-ups where required, directly through the client’s user interface.

DDC’s team is now a unit of experts, knowledgeable in the technicalities of drilling records and in the client’s system and expectations. This expertise allows new file creation, compliance checking of incoming reports, clarification of anomalous data directly with the report author, accurate interpretation of non-English reports, including reports in Cyrillic.

Ultimately, this specialist outsourced service allows the client to protect and grow its business.

Direct service benefits to this client through outsourcing to DDC:

  1. Offshore FTE rates, reducing the cost of data capture.
  2. Freedom from related staff overheads and attrition.
  3. Release of client staff from a laborious task to focus on more creative duties.
  4. Service levels guaranteeing freshness of data in the corporate database and consistently high accuracy of the universal dataset.
  5. Direct, expert-level communication with in-house specialists.

Industry graduates indexing the latest industry literature. A distinguished client maintains high-quality databases of scientific and engineering articles for academics and professionals around the world.


Accurate searching of this literature is founded on professional indexing, a demanding task requiring acute understanding of the latest concepts and terminology.

“Rigorous quality assurance procedures protect a client’s reputation...”

Undoubtedly, the publishing industry is competitive and low-margin, which is why the cost of indexing is just as serious a matter as its quality. From its offshore centre, DDC offers the ideal solution: teams of qualified scientific and engineering professionals and graduates coupled to very competitive offshore rates.

Our team handles thousands of titles, seeing early editions of journals before they get into general circulation, and indexes these against the tens-of-thousands of client-authorized terms.

Among DDC’s clients for knowledge-based science and engineering services are Chemical Abstracts Service, International Society for Horticultural Science, International Bibliography of the Social Sciences, and publishing giant Elsevier Science.

Direct service benefits to this client through outsourcing to DDC:

  1. Affordable engineers and scientists.
  2. Rigorous quality assurance procedures protecting the client’s reputation for providing consistently high-quality databases to academics and professionals
  3. Flexibility and trainability to align indexing with the client’s style.
  4. Freshness of data through guaranteed turnaround of each and every article within three days.
  5. Freedom from staff overheads and effects of attrition.

‘Realise the many benefits of low-cost technical expertise with the DDC group.’

Simon Bates