The client

Indirex is the online community for the global unlisted real estate fund market place. Its website offers information about funds and their performance, fund managers, and related news and research material.

The challenge

As a new company, with all the expertise but limited resource, Indirex was finding it tough to gather all the information needed to populate the database behind its site with fresh data every day. The experts were working long hours on this task as well as launching Indirex’s service to the world: they needed help to release themselves from data gathering so they could run the business! But, was it possible for an outsourcing partner to gather such industry-specific, sometimes esoteric, data correctly?

“DDC has been instrumental both in the implementation strategy and in the day to day execution through the involvement of the team to deliver the best quality in a tight budget.

DDC works with intelligent, communicative, well trained and hard working people, which makes it possible for Indirex to add real quality to its outsourcing process.

The solution

DDC told them it was. Indirex transferred knowledge, concepts and vocabulary from the world of investment in property and infrastructure projects to an offshore DDC team that now accurately populates the client’s database daily with breaking news and updates to funds. Doubts were expunged.

The benefits

  • Excellent value for money
  • Graduate-level staff with an excellent work ethic and willingness to learn and adapt
  • No HR or infrastructure overheads
  • Data processing, at around half the cost of the UK
  • Agile expansion of scope or scale with no capital outlay
  • Contractually guaranteed data accuracy and delivery times.


Indirex benefits both from the low cost of creating content to power its products, and from the release of its staff to focus on building client relationships and running the business.

"The advantage is to have a team specially dedicated to the Indirex project, which facilitates day to day contact and allows us to invest in specific trainings and keep track of quantity, time and costs in an efficient way.”

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