The client

Interactive Prospect Targeting (IPT) is a UK-based direct marketing company. IPT led an online consumer data collection revolution with its popular site MyOffers, launched in 2000. QuizFactor followed in 2010. Its core business is collecting contact details of individuals registering at its websites for onward sale to utilities and other organizations for B2C marketing. IPT’s sites also include client-sponsored sections, where registrants are free to answer additional consumer-oriented questions as they wish.

The challenge

Successful direct marketing companies like IPT thrive on fresh, accurate consumer data and abide strictly
with data protection laws. They must also be commercially competitive. CEO Lionel Thain and associates, steeped in the DM era of paper questionnaires, came to IPT with a sound knowledge
of outsourcing, having worked with offshore companies who captured data off the questionnaires. They were particularly impressed with services from the Philippines.

Thain approached Jericho Petilla, Filipino co-founder of The DDC
Group, to see if a team could be set
up in the Philippines to service the needs of the new, UK-based IPT operation.

We have ensured that our team at DDC is not only trained to competently produce the work we give them, we have also strived to educate them about our products and services to give them a much deeper understanding of our business.

The solution

What Thain had in mind was a remote team of intelligent, adaptable, but lower-than-UK-cost individuals able to take on board the IPT ethos and, under direct guidance from the UK, execute “back office” tasks such as data cleansing, order processing and database maintenance.

This is what IPT got. And, because it’s a resource somewhat invisible to the outsourcing company’s in-house team, it’s sometimes called a virtual office.

The benefits

What IPT gets in benefits from this arrangement is:

  • Excellent value for money
  • Graduate-level staff with an excellent work ethic and willingness to learn and adapt
  • No HR or infrastructure overheads
  • Data processing, at around half the cost of the UK
  • Agile expansion of scope or scale with no capital outlay
  • Contractually guaranteed data accuracy and delivery times.


DDC provided the physical office spaces in Manila and Leyte, put in the IT infrastructure and physical security systems, and hired the staff to an agreed job description. Team access to IPT’s UK systems is through a VPN tunnel and offshore computers are “locked down” for robust data security.

All staff pass through rigorous recruitment processes. IPT go from there, training on new tasks (DDC trains any newcomers itself) and managing the team, which is made easier by the offshore team working UK business hours. The team also includes creative specialists, supporting the formation of quizzes for QuizFactor; and software developers.

Like many ongoing relationships the longer you know someone the greater your level of trust. DDC are particularly special in that they don’t just produce our work as briefed, they will give feedback about how to improve a process or lower a cost.

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